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  Overview Awareness Intervention/Complaint Mgmt. Investigation Resources

Sexual Harassment: Overview

Three courses are designed to define, identify, avoid, intervene, respond and investigate this critical behavioral. Knowledge, skills, procedures, and legally sound tools are delivered with practical applications that participants can immediately implement to provide a safe school and working environment.  The program is modular, made up of workshops, online classes, and videos that can function independently or as part of a complete system. We will customize the program to meet your needs and to the interests of a specific audience to ensure the message will be received with clarity, impact and enthusiasm.


Onsite - Online - Video

This program is designed to provide critical sexual harassment identification and avoidance methods that could result in automatic liability to the organization. Also included are early detection and the responsibility to respond.
For: All teachers, staff, administrators, and risk managers.

Onsite - Online - Video

This module is designed for anyone on campus who is in a position to receive and respond to sexual harassment complaints. Participants walk through the complete processing of a complaint and will have the procedures, tools, and skills to implement a legally fit and practical system in their school or workplace.
For: Site administrators, classified managers, deans, security personnel, Title IX officers, student assistance coordinators, and school counselors.

Onsite - Online - Video

Two training modules are available:*

  1. Investigation of Complaints
  2. Advanced Investigation of Complaints School districts are most at risk and are least prepared when it comes to conducting quality sexual harassment investigations.

Untrained administrators frequently take actions that are neither correct nor legally fit, leaving both the school district and the administrator exposed to liability while putting students at risk of harm.
For: Title IX officers, investigators, human resources managers, EEO officers, school principals - anyone who conducts site-level inquires or district-level formal investigations of sexual harassment complaints by students and/or employees.

* Prerequisites may apply


It is important to be proactive instead of waiting for an incident to occur or the attitude of “we are doing the best we can approach”.

  • Legal fees alone to defend such issues average $200,000
  • Jury verdicts are frequently in the millions of dollars
  • School administrators and/or  teachers can be deemed questionable even if not totally liable if an incident occurs
  • Personal liability may be at stake if not knowledgeable or fails to properly these matters properly
  • Being trained may limit personal and school liability even if incident occcur

In recent studies, over 85% of students polled and nearly 50% of school staff said that they have been victims of sexual harassment at school or work. The courts have taken heed of this reality and have imposed strict guidelines for what must be done to rectify the situation. The penalties for failure to appropriately respond are steep both economically and in the impact on people and communities

No other program offers the comprehensive level of instruction found in the McGrath Sexual Harassment Program. Some of what is covered includes:

  • Clear guidance on detecting and preventing the behavior
  • What to do if they observe or are themselves subjected to sexual harassment
  • Helping the participant discern between flirting and hurting
  • Identifying the "damage" harassing behavior causes
  • Getting past the "code of silence"
  • Investigating complaints and working with law enforcement
  • Understanding the legal consequences of sexual harassment offenses
  • Implementing legally sound policies and procedures
  • Shielding you and your district from lawsuits
  • Improve community relations by taking a proactive approach

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