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All of our on-site programs are appropriate for risk pools and can be customized with content applicable to your state.

Risk Pools Support Solutions

A series of eight to ten Training Bytes can be delivered throughout the school year following a McGrath on site training program. We deliver the file to you electronically, and you distribute it to your membership. These electronic newsletters highlight and reinforce key risk management concepts discussed in our on site training programs and are an effective way to extend your reach and saturate the school district with quality tools and information.

TRAINING BYTES are co-branded with your organization’s name and ours. Training Bytes may be purchased separately as a training aid or with the on site program as a package.

Training Bytes provide these benefits:

  • Serve as a reinforcement tool for those who attended the on site training
  • Provide additional opportunities to directly touch each member or insured organization with a value-added service
  • Support members not able to send representatives to the on site program in learning essential risk management concepts
  • Accelerate implementation through the thorough, systematic and timely distribution of information to a wide audience

McGrath Complete Risk Management Solutions
Download our complete McGrath program catalog Risk Pools
(PDF file)


Adults often learn most effectively by doing. McGrath Training Systems provides a toolbox of interactive inservice training packages that will help participants internalize the learning and apply it. These lessons are approximately 15 minutes in length, and can be incorporated into staff meetings to ensure continuing educational opportunities in key areas. One Inservice Training Package is delivered monthly to the pool or insurance company for co-branding and distribution to members.

Our inservice training package includes the following components:

  • Talking points that address the key concepts of the training
  • Accompanying handouts
  • Case studies that require group interaction
  • Case resolution to reinforce learning

Many of our online courses can be used as components of an inservice training program. School computer labs make a fine site for such computer-based training experiences. Combine our inservice training aids with distance learning for an exceptionally effective interactive learning experience.


McGrath Training Systems makes it easy for you to promote your employment and educational training programs. We can provide you with electronic promotional materials that you can customize and distribute, or we can craft marketing materials to meet your specific needs. Our marketing group will teleconference with you to determine precisely how we can best support your marketing effort, and to share our strategies for effective training promotions in school districts. We will help you map out a plan to hit your registration goals, and provide you with the support you need to get the job done. Let McGrath Training Systems help you achieve your member education benchmarks.


Contact UsFree NewsletterCyberSchool LoginSite Map

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